Sunday, June 5, 2011

Ross Douthat's Victims

Me and my eyes, which were injured from repeated, violent rolling upon reading this, which boils down to, "people support assisted suicide because people have merciful empathetic feelings toward dying people in pain, but there's no logical way to support assisted suicide without supporting a right to suicide in general, ergo assisted suicide must be WRONG!"

He really pretends not to see any other possible consequence from putting (a) and (b) together.

And I think he must mean fictims.

Check the comments, though - Dr. K was righteous and everybody knows it.

My extremely moderate comment here.


  1. If one recognizes that there exist extremely severe instances of suffering that make death preferable and assisted suicide acceptable, then the subjective, experiential nature of suffering forces one to admit that the distinction between severe enough and not severe enough is also subjective. I wouldn't say it's "arbitrary at best," as he puts it, but that's still such a repugnant conclusion to many people that they decide that no instances of suffering can ever make assisted suicide acceptable--no matter how severe they are. But to me, THAT would be the truly repugnant conclusion.

  2. If bringing death upon someone always counts as a murder, all parents are murderers.

  3. I only wish we could somehow "see" the "comments" from 1999 when he was sentenced to prison.

    I think attitudes have changed, but how cool would it be to directly compare!


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