Monday, August 24, 2009

Habeas Corpus, Political Theory, and More

In lieu of me actually writing something, please take a look at post-length substantive comments by Zara here, here, and here, and also new comments by Shane.


  1. This should read "habeAs corpus".

    That's what you get when people pronounce Latin as if it were written according to the same orthography as their native language... (Which, if the latter is English, leads to particularly catastrophic results due to the poor quality of the English orthography.)

  2. Haha thanks - I always misspell that. You should see how I spell nullem crimen nulla poena sine lege when I put it on the board for my students. (Or res ipsa loquitur for that matter.) WTF it should be loquitor!


    Thought you might like this and didn't know where to put it...

  4. Nice. Not sure where to put these, either, but I think they're worth sharing... A two-part series of Philosopher's Zone podcast interviews with Cholbi surveying the history of philosophical positions on suicide: (part one) (part two)


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