Sunday, March 23, 2008

An Introduction

The moral issue of suicide has usually been stated in terms of whether suicide is morally permissible, under any circumstances. For instance, Michael Cholbi puts the question this way:
Are there conditions under which suicide is morally justified, and if so, which conditions?

This formulation assumes a major premise: that it is the suicidal person who must justify his refusal to live, rather than the community being required to justify the action of forcing him to live. These notes will focus on the moral reprehensibility of forced life, rather than attempt to justify suicide from a defensive perspective.


  1. I like your book: Every Cradle is a Grave. I decided to come back and look at the beginning of your blog. It is nice to see that a blog I stumbled on, and agreed with had an author who eventually was able to get a book published on the topic. I just wanted say thank you and also thank you to Chris by the way.


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